Protect your home and everything you treasure with a high quality residential home security system from CureNet. We offer a variety of the very best home security systems on the market today because we know that every customer is different. Having trustworthy options means that you can find the right home security system to protect your home, regardless of whether you are in a rural or urban area or a high-risk or low-risk area for crime. Consider how much more secure you will feel with a top quality home security system offering protection.

Residential Home Security Systems & Options
residential home security

Home Security Has Never Been so Good!

When you get the best home security system for your needs, you benefit from major advantages. Just a few of the benefits you enjoy with CureNet home security systems include:

Control of your home This state of the art security system is in your hands all the time. The home security systems we offer give you complete control, using a computer, smart phone or tablet that is connected to the Internet. This allows you to change settings, arm or disarm your system, see what is happening in your home and so much more, regardless of where you are.

Dependability With a wireless home security system from CureNet, you get protection that is completely dependable. Even if you are without power or phone service, your home and loved ones are still protected.

Affordably Priced The home security plans we offer are available in a variety of prices, depending on the system you choose and the features you add. However, for little more than $1 per day, you get wireless home security that you can count on.

Customizable The systems we offer allow you to customize them so that they fit your needs. You can start with a more basic plan or a more elaborate one that includes security cameras. Add additional sensors and cameras so that you can have them in all the areas where they are truly needed for the best protection possible.

Tamper Resistance Smash and crash technology means that your system emits a signal even if someone attempts to destroy or disable it. This ensures that help can be dispatched in a timely manner.

24/7 Monitoring Elite home security monitoring 5 Diamond rated Monitronics is available to you, so that you can rest assured that your home is closely monitored all the time, whether you are at home or not.

American Made You can choose from top-quality American made security products like GE products.

Complimentary installation CureNet offers complimentary professional installation of all wireless home security systems, so you know it is working perfectly, right from the start.

• Trust us with your home security. Call our security specialists today and learn more about the best option in protection for your residence.