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10/8-9 12th annual BIO Investor Forum. The Palace Hotel, San Francisco more
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11/11-13 The BIO Convention in China. National Convention Center, Beijing more
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JS Genetics
2 Church Street South
Suite B-05
New HAven, CT 06519

Phone: 203-570-8275
Fax: 888-852-6699
Website: http://www.jsgenetics.com

Alidad Mireskandari, President & CEO - a.mireskandari@jsgenetics.com

General Information
JS Genetics, a private company spun out of Yale University Medical School laboratories of two distinguished pediatricians, develops and markets DNA diagnostic tests for underserved medical conditions in newborns and adolescents. The Company’s principle strategy is to internally develop and market accurate, convenient and cost effective PCR based DNA screening tests for adolescents focused in key areas of developmental disorders using buccal swabs as opposed to blood. The use of cheek swabs makes our tests easy to administer while the PCR-based approach used to develop them is low-cost and scalable for high throughput. Our first product, a test for the detection of Turner Syndrome will be marketed in 1H 2010.

Research Activities
Our R&D; is focused in three key areas of developmental disorders caused by chromosomal abnormalities:

  • Physical Developmental Disorders: Turner syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome & Down’s Syndrome
  • Cognitive Developmental Disorders: Dyslexia
  • Behavioral Developmental Disorders: Fragile X
The Turner syndrome test is will be commercially available in 1H 2009. Our second product, a test for Klinefelter syndrome is on track for a 4Q 2010 commercial launch. All of our R&D; has been funded though NIH sponsored SBIR grants.

We also are conducting proof-of-concept studies on a therapeutic drug for the treatment of Periventricular White Matter Injury (PWMI) in premature infants which we plan to out-license this product to a drug development partner after conducting our proof of concept studies.

Other Information
Ownership: Private
CT Employees: 3
World Employees: 4