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Wednesday, May 26, 2020

Kolltan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Presentation followed by networking, refreshments & wine bar

Kolltan's mission is to develop novel therapeutics targeting proprietary discoveries in the mechanisms of receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) activation.

The company's primary targets derive from discoveries made in the laboratory of Dr. Joseph Schlessinger of Yale. The laboratory has characterized a novel molecular mechanism underlying activation of RTKs, providing, for the first time, a clear molecular explanation at atomic resolution for the oncogenic activity of mutations that have been identified in a variety of human cancers. These proprietary findings enable new strategies for selective inhibition of both ligand-stimulated and oncogenic RTKs.

Kolltan plans to target several RTKs playing well-validated roles in a range of cancers and other diseases. The company will focus on the rapid translation of its intellectual property into lead therapeutic molecules, and on the development of drugs that complement and enhance existing standards of cancer therapy.

The current generation of cancer drugs, which act by interfering with the tyrosine kinase activity of oncogenic tyrosine kinases, has been remarkably successful in the treatment of a variety of cancers. Unfortunately, it is now clear that many patients responding to these drugs develop resistance in later dosing cycles, and ultimately fail therapy. Kolltan expects that the mechanism of action of its drugs will be unaffected by such resistance.

Kolltan's strategy for its first disease target is to focus initially on the development of a therapeutic human monoclonal antobody, due to its anticipated shorter path to regulatory approval; and later, on the possible discovery and development of synthetic small molecule therapeutics, to which Kolltan's technology is equally applicable. Kolltan will assess additional targets through proof of principle experiments.

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Michael Schmertzler

President & CEO, Kolltan Pharmaceuticals

Yaron Hadari, Ph.D.

VP Research, Kolltan Pharmaceuticals

Wednesday, May 26, 2020
3:30 P.M. Registration Open
4:00 P.M. Seminar
5:00 P.M. Networking, Refreshments & Wine Bar

The Anlyan Center auditorium, Yale Medical School.

Directions & Parking:

Registration is free, but please RSVP in advance. E-mail to or call the Yale OCR main number: 203-785-6209.

Lead sponsors: Wiggin and Dana and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Also sponsored by Elm Street Ventures.

Presented by CURE and the Yale Office of Cooperative Research.

Additional support from the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and the Yale Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Society.

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