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Having the right business security systems for your business offers you an abundance of protection on many fronts. While businesses have many of the same risks that homes do, such as fire, vandalism and burglary, there are also additional risks such as theft that occurs by individuals who have a genuine right to be on the premises. Shoplifting and theft by employees are examples of such risks. Therefore businesses need to take a close look at the security systems they are choosing in order to minimize such issues.

A surveillance camera that has been strategically trained on a specific area of your business can deliver valuable information that can save you from potential losses and help your run your business more efficiently. You get tangible results from installing surveillance cameras.

Home Security Monitoring Systems & Cameras for Your Business
  • Monitor flow of traffic, so you know how customers move around your business and what they focus on.
  • Prevent shoplifting by having a camera visibly placed overlooking a vulnerable area of your business. Shoplifters will be less likely to take the chance if they think they are being recorded or watched.
  • Monitor employees using surveillance cameras, so you know when they arrive and leave, the kind of service they offer your customers, and what they are doing when customers are not around.
  • Get instant alerts from your security system to tell you when specific cameras have been triggered. This allows you to keep an eye on sensitive areas that need close monitoring.
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Theft is often a crime of opportunity. It frequently occurs because the victim has left property accessible and without protection. In fact, without security of some type, individuals who would never actually break into a home or business take advantage of the opportunity placed before them and steal. By strategically placing surveillance cameras that are a part of your security system throughout your business, you will effectively deter such crimes of opportunity.

With a security system from CureNet, you have the ability to instantly monitor your business from anywhere. Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to ensure the system is armed after hours, change settings and monitor triggers. Access the system to check out live or recorded video of your business location, so you can find out what is happening there at any time and from anywhere. If you opt for a security system with home automation, you can even ensure that lights and HVAC are adjusted properly. This will make your business more energy efficient, as well as more secure, and puts the control in your hands, no matter where you are.

While any of our security systems are a good investment for a business owner, adding video surveillance to the system will take your business protection to the next level. Call one of our business security specialists now to find out more about which system is best for you.