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November 2008

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BioBus Educational Programs Board of Directors

Richard Cole
Connecticut Academy for Education

Linda Froschauer
National Science Teachers Association

Judith Greiman
Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges

The Honorable Michael Meotti, Ph.D.
State of Connecticut Department of Higher Education

Sheenah Mische, Ph.D. (Chair)
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Jonathan Morris, Ph.D.
Manchester Community College

Edward O'Connor, Ph.D.
Quinnipiac University

Michael Snyder, Ph.D.
Yale University

Win a Visit from the BioBus 
The BioBus Educational Programs has expanded beyond its original scope as a mobile science laboratory, prompting the Board of Directors to call for a new name that more accurately reflects the organization's work. To get the creative juices flowing, the Board decided to hold a contest offering students and teachers, the beneficiaries of the programs, the opportunity to create the new name. The winner's school will receive a visit from the BioBus.
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Report Card for BioBus Educational Programs Shows Increased Effectiveness
The BioBus Educational Programs reached 81 percent of Connecticut's Priority School Districts in 2007-08, surpassing the previous year by almost 20 percent. That and other recently released data shows the programs' increased effectiveness in promoting science and technology education throughout the state. "Our goal is to be a key resource for students and teachers," said Sarah Berke, Ph.D., director of the programs. "Every year, we assess our programs' effectiveness and ask the questions: Are we meeting the needs of the state's students? Are we helping address underserved communities? Are we helping teachers improve science and technology education in the classroom? Are we an important resource?"
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Effective Strategies for Teaching Biotechnology in the Classroom 
Educators who were unable to attend the Connecticut Science Educators Professional Development Day, can view the presentation on our website under Profesional Development. Sarah Berke, Ph.D., Director of BioBus Educational Programs, and Kerry Donahue, Senior Staff Scientist, presented the program at the October 25th meeting held at New Britain High School.
BioBus and BioConnection Visits for 2008-09 
Some 70 schools across Connecticut will participate in The BioBus Educational Programs. The BioBus will visit 31 schools, while BioConnection will reach an additional 39 schools. To see a list of participating schools, visit the news and events section of our website. While the BioBus is booked for the school year, there are still openings to borrow equipment through BioConnection. To participate, go to the BioConnection visit section on the website and fill out the online registration form. All teachers participating in programs must attend a training workshop. Registration forms can be found under Upcoming Workshops on the Professional Development page of the website. The deadline is December 19.
Thanks to the continued support of our sponsors, all BioBus Educational Programs are offered free of charge. Since 2001, the programs have reached more than 60,000 students and 800 teachers from 450 schools across Connecticut.

BioBus Educational Programs is a project of CURE, the leading organization promoting life science initiatives in Connecticut. CURE is a member-supported coalition of more than 100 educational and research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and other supporting businesses. It is dedicated to promoting the growth and increasing public understanding of biomedical research and science in Connecticut. 
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