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May 2008

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Manchester Community College

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Yale University

BioBus Pays Visit to Connecticut Capitol in Hartford

Connecticut’s BioBus traveled to the State Capitol in Hartford on Thursday, April 24, to conduct mobile lab science experiments with visiting students from Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, and to offer tours to other children visiting during “Bring Your Child to Work Day” at the Capitol and Legislative Office Building.

The Wilbur Cross students, guided by BioBus staff scientists, performed Genetically Modified Organisms, a sophisticated experiment from the BioBus curriculum. In the experiment, students isolated DNA from samples of food brought from home and then amplified a specific portion of the DNA using a scientific technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR), on order to determine whether their product contained genetically modified plant material.

The students also participated in the Genes in a Bottle experiment, generously donated by Bio-Rad Laboratories, in which they isolated their own DNA and learned about molecular biology, from cell structure to genetics to the chemistry of life.

At the Capitol visit the BioBus premiered its newly installed SMART Technology interactive learning tools, which streamline and enhance the teaching and learning of biosciences experiments.

“We are proud of the BioBus and were pleased to have the public pay us a visit,” said Sarah Berke, director of the BioBus Educational Programs. “These programs, available to schoolchildren throughout the State, offer enriching science education opportunities beyond the scope of the typical classroom. They generate interest and enthusiasm in science and technology careers among young students and ultimately help to develop and strengthen the workforce of tomorrow.”

CURE’s award-winning BioBus Educational Programs ( is a bioscience educational outreach service consisting of four parts: 1) a mobile science laboratory (Connecticut’s BioBus): 2) an equipment loan program (BioConnection); 3) custom-developed curricula; and 4) teacher professional development.

The Programs’ mission is to be a key bioscience education resource in Connecticut igniting enthusiasm, understanding, and support for science and technology. The goals of the Programs are to provide comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and interactive bioscience experiences for students, teachers, and the general public; to serve as a nexus for knowledge transfer among formal science learning, higher education and industry; and to encourage students to pursue science careers.

The Programs, which are offered free of charge thanks to the continuing support of sponsors, have visited more than 445 schools, reached more than 60,000 students, and trained more than 775 teachers.

The BioBus Educational Programs are an initiative of CURE, the leading organization for promoting life science initiatives throughout Connecticut. CURE (Connecticut United for Research Excellence, Inc.) ( is a statewide, member-supported coalition of more than 100 educational and research institutions, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and other supporting businesses. It is dedicated to promoting the growth and increasing public understanding of biomedical research and science in Connecticut.

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