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February 2008

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BioBus Educational Programs Board of Directors

Richard Cole
Connecticut Academy for Education

Linda Froschauer
National Science Teachers Association

Judith Greiman
Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges

The Honorable Valerie Lewis, Ph.D.
State of Connecticut Department of Higher Education

Sheenah Mische, Ph.D. (Chair)
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Jonathan Morris, Ph.D.
Manchester Community College

Edward O'Connor, Ph.D.
Quinnipiac University

Michael Snyder, Ph.D.
Yale University

Friends of the BioBus Educational Programs:

Despite the snows of winter, the BioBus is on the road. Upcoming visits include North Haven High School, St. Mary’s School in Jewet City, and the Shoreline Christian School in Madison.

Equally important, the BioConnection laboratory equipment loan program continues to ship modules for classroom. Schools receiving modules in the second half of February include Womogo High School in Litchfield, Sport and Medical Sciences Academy and University High School in Hartford, and the Fraser-Woods School in Newtown.

The complete list of schools receiving BioBus or BioConnection visits is on our website – click here for more.

Through our curriculum develop and teacher professional education programs as well as the BioBus and BioConnection, we continue to build on our reputation as the leading bioscience education resource for Connecticut’s schools, both in our home state and nationally. We have put together a strategic plan of new projects for improving science education in Connecticut budgeted at about $3 million over the next three years, and are pleased to announce that this past November, the State of Connecticut designated $1.5 million of bond money for the strategic growth of these programs.

On April 24 this year the BioBus will once again be at the Capitol in Hartford, where last year we announced plans to run the bus on biodiesel fuel. And on March 26-30 the BioBus will be at the National Science Teachers Association Annual Meeting in Boston, thanks to a collaboration with SMART Technologies Inc. The staff has also been invited to make two presentations at the NSTA conference, Biotech Goes Green! and Bugs and Scrubs: Hands-on Activities to Teach Disease Concepts in the Classroom.

To keep pace with our growing role in science education, we recently strengthened our administrative structure. The BioBus Educational Programs now has its own Board of Directors, separate from the board of CURE, its parent organization.

Our Board of Directors is listed in the left-hand column of this newsletter. We were delighted when our Board chair, Sheenah Mische of Boehringer Ingelheim, was recognized at the CURE annual meeting last December with an Award of Merit for her contributions to science education.

Our Advisory Council for 2007-08 is a hard-working team drawn from many areas of Connecticut science education and is an invaluable resource guiding us on program development. They are:

Robert Borello
Associate Director for Science
PIMMS (Project to Increase Mastery of Mathematics and Science)
Wesleyan University

Susan Palissano
Educational Programs Director
CT Center for Advanced Technology

Department of Education Representatives

Mary Anne Butler
Consultant, 9-12 Science
Connecticut Department of Education

Elizabeth Buttner
Consultant, K-8 Science
Connecticut Department of Education

Elementary School Representatives

Gwen Cook
Science Teacher
Whitney School

Shannon Oneto
3rd grade Teacher
John C Daniels Elementary School

Middle School Representative

Joan Donlon
Science Teacher
Oxford Middle School

Connecticut Science Teachers Association Representative

Eloise Farmer
Membership Chair
Connecticut Science Teachers Association

Connecticut Science Supervisors Association Representative

David Lopath
Board Member
Connecticut Science Supervisors Association

Industry Representatives

Amapola O'Brien
Pfizer Inc

Christopher Marlor
Achillion Pharmaceuticals

Connecticut Association of Biology Teachers Representative

Eileen Roark
Nathan Hale-Ray High School

High School Representatives

Chris Willems
Science Teacher
Wilbur Cross High School

Christine Bouchard
Department Chair
Jonathan Law High School

Lisa Cellini
Science Teacher
St. Joseph High School

The BioBus Educational Programs staff looks forward to working with this knowledgeable team as we continue to develop new directions in science education.


Sarah Berke
BioBus Educational Programs

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